Mini vegan palm free soap
sample soap
mini vegan soap sample 2
Mini vegan soap
mint shampoo soap
mini natural soap
mini vegan soap
mini vegan shampoo soap
mini palm free vegan soap
mini goat milk soap
mini cedar pine shampoo soap

Sample Soap

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These are 0.4-0.7oz convenient samples of our wonderful full-size soaps. 

1. Adrenaline shampoopeppermint orange & lime
2. Bay Breezeslavender & honeysuckle
3. Harbourrose geranium & hint of black pepper
4. Nature shampoolime, grapefruit, lavender, sweet basil & litsea (crisp citrus)
5. Seascapebright grapefruit combined with cooling mint
6. Stars on the Lake (goat's milk) sweet orange, juniper berry, clary sage, rosemary  
7. West Coast Trail shampoocedar, pine, fir & juniper berry
We have the best palm-free soaps on the island formulated to soothe and hydrate your skin. We use only the best and our focus is always on quality. Each bar of soap is made in small batches, hand-cut, sculpted, wrapped and labelled. The whole process is in-house from conception to finished product. As each soap is unique and handcrafted please allow for slight variations in size, colour and design. Each soap comes individually wrapped with our original in-house designed label.
Your soap will last a long time if you keep it high and dry. Don't have a soap dish? Use a bottle cap to drain your bar of soap after every use and don't leave it sitting in water.

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