Adele would love this.

It’s a month until Christmas and as a maker, life is chaos.  Between fulfilling wholesale orders,  selling at weekend craft markets (who signed us up for these markets anyways? Oh wait a minute, that could have been me :) and replenishing stock I find myself working alone in the studio with only the radio for company. (Little Blooms is typically on the other side of the studio in another office).  Sometimes I even dance to a peppy song.

So naturally I am hearing Adele’s epic voice on a consistent basis.  And when I am procrastinating researching on Facebook, I do watch the Jimmy Fallon interviews with her.  So I feel like Adele and I are becoming fast friends (although she may not realize this AT ALL.)  Packing up this luscious face kit today I thought to myself “hey, Adele has beautiful skin, if she was my BFF I would definitely send this to her”.  What’s not to love?  Its got all the essentials to get you through the holiday frenzy, late nights and perhaps imbibing in the festive cheer of your choosing. 

Our organic face rehab with charcoal & dead sea mud to pull the impurities from your skin, followed up by a refreshing toner of either Neroli or Rose, follow this with a delicate application of our organic rose geranium face nourish and save the Azulene for night time skating or evenings après ski.  Instead of a fragrance that can irritate, I spray a light mist of the toner on my hair before heading out the door for a subtle scent.

This is a limited edition kit, we’re only releasing a small number of these treasures for $75.00 CAD dollars (plus shipping).  And if you’re a friend of Adele’s, let us know and I’d be happy to send her a kit from her new BFF.

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