Are you believing a lie that everyone is perfect except you?

When the movie “Enchanted” came out I loved it. It stars Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey.  What struck me most was the scene where Giselle opens the windows of her home and hears the birds chirping and starts singing to them. Her life seems perfect.

Those who know me well have heard me say that some people look like they were dressed by birds. What do I mean by this sentence? It’s the look that someone projects as if they have it all together. Their clothes look amazing and hang perfectly, they move about their day with ease, their hair looks great and they make all the burdens and complexities of life just melt away and seem effortless.  I think these are the type of people that everyone seems to emulate.

The more I get to know some of these people I realize they all have something in common. What we all see outwardly is really preparedness behind the scenes. It doesn’t look like they prepared because we don’t see that part of it. We just get caught up in the here and now. We imagine,  that they just woke up like this and are able to breeze through life.

I’ll give you a few examples of people I’ve seen who seem to embody this breeze through life mentality. One person I know actually plans out her outfits the night before and gets everything ready.  If they are going shopping or have an appointment they gather everything they need for that day.  They allow for last minute interruptions, traffic etc.  for the upcoming event.

Recently I heard a talk online and the presenter was calm, confident and in control of her subject.   Nothing seemed to ruffle her at all. In my naïve imaginings she just was able to pull this presentation out of a hat. I later learned that she had spent over 100 hours preparing for it and had many last minute changes leading up to that day.

So no one is really dressed by birds although we like to think it’s possible. Everyone we idolize  has planned and prepared, so the day of, they manage to look carefree and unruffled.

Have you experienced this?

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