Are you finding clarity in your life?

Let’s say that once upon a time there may have been a few episodes where “Menopausal Milly” appeared amongst the Two Blooms.  And in order to calm MM, one of the sisters (we won’t name names of course) came up with a brilliant clary sage combination that managed to calm, relax and subdue MM.

In fact, this same Bloom now keeps a bottle of ‘Calm Coast’ within reach at all times of her because of its soothing effects.  Which is why clary sage is used in so many products including our Organic Calm Coast Lotion,

Our Calm Coast Aromatherapy Spray

and even our Organic Anchor and Sea Salt soap.

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) is a steam distilled essential oil from the flowering plant.  With a floral, herby scent it supports hormonal fluctuations and can help with stress, mood swings and even soothing skin.  Adding it to a steam diffuser adds almost immediate calming effects (just saying, not that I would know from experience :)

Some go as far as to say that the oil gives clarity, helping you to see possibilities and can dispel confusion.  Which is a whole lot of pressure to put on a single essential oil.  But what I do know is that it works for me.  And so many of our clients almost swoon when they see our selection of clary sage products.  Most women say they spray their pillow with it before going to sleep.  Some keep it at their desk at work and spray themselves liberally throughout stressful work days.  And others offer the Calm Coast lotion to friends and colleagues who need to ‘slow down and breathe’.

It’s a simple solution isn’t it?  Instead of reaching for the caffeine or the chocolate (again, not naming names), why not try reaching for one of our expertly blended Clary Sage products and see for yourself how calming life can be and with no extra calories.

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