Are you living the dream?

“There’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true” just came swimming into my head.  Thought for sure it was a Disney movie with a lovely princess but actually its from “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” – Christmas anyone??

Been pondering dreams a lot lately, not the sleepy time kind, but dreams we hold in our heart.  Things we’ve held on to for a long time (hello size 6 jeans hanging in my closet) and things we’ve haven’t let go of yet.

My sister and I have been toiling for the past 13 years on our dream.  To be fair, it was off the side of our desk for the first 9 years, we attended weekly farmers markets and kept our full time jobs.  It was fun, it was exciting but it wasn’t our full time job.

Four years ago, we decided to sink or swim, jump right in and make it happen.  We left our lovely jobs and started working full time on Two Blooms.  We didn’t really have a plan, we knew we had a good product but we didn’t have a business background.

So we relied on our brilliant sense of humour (“oh, you wanted a receipt?  Oh, sorry I’ll email it to you when I get back”.)  And we continued with our amazing customer service.  We bent over backwards for everyone making customer scents and products for customers, rushing orders to get them on time (or early) and never really charged enough money.

Now we’re smarter (I hope), we’ve found some good people to align ourselves with and most importantly, we’ve started believing our dreams.  Its not just hard work because we both work non-stop, one of us is on social media all day, sprucing up photos and text, plus photographs and on it goes.  Its more like a marathon to get to your dream.  You will hit walls and you will cry and want to give up, but the next day you’ll fall in love all over again and decide to make a new product or dream a new dream.

So if I could amend Burl Ive’s song I would. Its not just tomorrow for dreams to come true, its getting a solid group of people to walk through your dreams with you.  Who will love you enough to tell you when to either stop or find another way.  So yes, there are always tomorrows for dreams to come true, but its more like there are always tomorrows for more 24/7 work weeks.  Dreams don’t always come true, but you just never know when its going to happen and chances are, it may be better than what you could have ever dreamed.

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