Are you Misting Out?

Our all natural aromatherapy sprays are the perfect product that you can take anywhere.  With a variety of uses and unique one of a kind scents what's not to love?  Throw one in your gym bag or purse and have an on the go instant pick me up to brighten your day.  This year we’ve added  more scentsational blends to round out our collection.

  •  You’ll never get bored with a lack of scents to choose from. 
  • The uses are endless: spritz in your car, around the room, on your clothes, use after the shower for a nice gentle scent, freshen up your shoes, your yoga mat, your children:)
  •   They are extremely versatile and easy to use.
  •   They are easy to carry anywhere you go. We have one customer who stocks up and uses them for her gardening job. She loves our Lavender (for sunburns and for it's relaxing properties), Mint, Calm Coast and Kickstart. We’ve even created some custom versions just for her.

We've got 8 scents so you can use one for every day of the week.

  • Monday: Try Calm Coast to start your day off on the right foot, this one is very calming with notes of clary sage, floral and citrus mingling together
  • Tuesday: Use Happy (Lavender) for that heavenly floral fusion that is so classic yet modern at the same time. Did you know that Frank Sinatra loved Lavender? A customer came and bought one of our Lavender soaps based on a book he read about Frank Sinatra. We find a lot of our male customers love Lavender. So this scent is a great unisex choice.
  • Wednesday:  You are only mid-way through your week and don’t know how you will handle the rest of the week before the week-end hits. Our Kickstart is the perfect solution with it’s lively burst of citrus. This one will wake you up and help you to tackle whatever is facing you.

  • Thursday:  Start your morning off with our Orange Blossom Neroli Face Hydrating Mist. The scent is outer worldly with it’s sweet, honey tones. It’s refreshing and reviving. Your face will thank you. Our face mists can be used to refresh and hydrate your face. They can also be used after cleansing your face to tone and soothe your skin. To top it all off it’s now available in a 2 oz size and comes in a glass bottle.
  • Friday:  It’s the last push of the week. Mist your face with our Roses in Bloom Face Hydrating Mist which smells like a garden of roses, so fresh and delicate. Also available in our new 2 oz size and comes in a glass bottle. After work you are heading to a workout so you brought along Your Mat Mate.  It’s the perfect companion as it doubles as a cooling refreshing mist for tired muscles after a long workout and it’s great for cleaning your mat with it’s invigorating minty and herbaceous floral Lavender scent.
  • Saturday:  Grab your Scrunchy Hair Sea Spray Hair Texturizer and mist all over your hair for those swoon worthy beach waves that will be the envy of all your friends. If you have straight hair, you can sleep in the braids the night before and mist all over your hair or curl each strand of hair and mist all over. We have a video that shows you how to use it.
  • Sunday: You love that West Coast Forest scent so you pop our West Coast Trail Aromatherapy Spray into your bag and mist your car to capture those woodsy scents. While a lot of men love this one, women buy it too.

What our customers are saying: 

  • "I love spraying your Happy on my pillow at night." C.E.
  • "The smell of your Calm Coast is intoxicating." T.A.
  • "Your West Coast Trail makes me feel like I'm in a forest." B.W.
  • "In the morning your Kickstart helps me wake up and I'm ready to tackle the day." M.V.
  • "I bought your Orange Blossom for my mother and she really enjoys using it."  B.M.
  • "Your Roses in Bloom is the best, my face can't get enough."
  • "After standing for hours on my feet I take my Your Mat Mate out of the fridge and mist it all over my legs and feet. It's so cooling and refreshing. Plus it's great to clean off my mat after a yoga class." C.T.
  • "I've tried various hairsprays and your Scrunchy Sea Salt Spray is the best out there." N.T.

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