Are you paralyzed by the words I can't in your life?

Just. Go.

There are a dozen reasons why you can’t. In fact, there were 6 reasons why I couldn’t write this blog today.  If I told you the reasons you’d roll your eyes and probably utter an ‘oh brother’. They weren’t life threatening moments but I couldn’t get started.

This reminds of some friends.  Wildly talented women that could take the world by storm.  But they can’t.  They have their reasons and we are the lesser without their contributions.

Let me share something with you – the words “what would you like to do” paralyze me.  I’d rather be told what to do then have the whole world of options open. 

What is my potential now and am I reaching it?  Am I reaching for the stars every day?  Am I standing on tiptoe to dream the impossible dream?  Probably not.  I tend to look at the lack of instead of what there is.  Like counting out your change and realizing you don’t have enough.  But what about what I do have?  Why don’t I feel like that’s enough?  Why must I compare and come up lacking?  I met with some friends the other day and they were so complimentary about our website/products and I kept shushing them down.  But I came home and rewound what they said and I thought “I need to start listening and believing and dreaming more”.  Because seriously, we can do the impossible.  And today is the day to stop listening to the inner critic.  Together.  We need to do this.  No more“I can’t” and more “well, let’s do this, even if I do it slowly”.

Are you with me?  Are you willing for the next 48 hours to say more yeses to yourself?  Ready.  Set.  Go.

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