Are You Taking Time for Yourself

I lay awake the other night and couldn’t fall asleep. I’d spent the last 5 days working hours on end to build up stock and didn’t leave the house and barely stopped for meals.  My list was a mile long and my mind was hyper focused on all the tiny details of what products had to be made, orders that needed to be filled and labels that had to printed, products that had to be wrapped and labeled, clean up and then the process would begin early each morning and go late into the night. 

When I work up early on the 5th day I laid there and my body felt sore to the core and I felt I had worked to the bone. Yes I’m being dramatic here but that is how it felt. Every muscle was taxed and my mind was exhausted.  There was still so much to do that morning and the words my friend had asked me earlier in the week echoed through me again and again. His question: “Are you taking time for yourself?” The answer was a resounding no I wasn’t at all especially this time of year. Market season is in full swing, we are filling orders and so much stock has to be made.   I realized that next day how I enjoyed simple pleasures like taking a long shower and using one of our luxurious organic soaps. I stood in the shower and thought about the experience. It was quiet uninterrupted time before the day began and it was a calming time, the rich lather, the deliciously scented bubbles. This was the only time I was taking for myself and I wondered how many of you are taking time for yourself these days?  This brings me back to an earlier post I did about “Being In The Moment.”

Once the dust begins to settle I realized I need to make more time for myself and spend time with loved ones, learn to savour each moment more then I have and force myself to get outdoors and experience more of life during these busy times.

 So I’m challenging myself and you to do the same.

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