Artisan Soy Wax Candles

Candles have used for over 5,000 years. Not much is known about the original origin but the Romans were the first to develop the wick candle.  Before electricity there were candles. When the light bulb came out in 1879 there was a decline in candles but at the beginning of the century they became popular again. [adapted from] Can you imagine doing everything by candlelight?

What makes them attractive to me and maybe others is the idea that by lighting one I'm going back to a time before modern technology and something about that feeling can't be replaced. (I'll be eluding to this in a future post).

I've always loved candles because of the feelings they evoke. Match to wick, flame to light and the act itself signals relaxation and calm.  There is a cozy comfort of the day slowing ending and the stillness of the flame flickering. Sometimes I like to just sit and stare at the flame and zone out and let the stress of the day melt away.  What I loved doing in college is writing poetry by candlelight. Somehow harkening back to another era stirs up those emotions that are often buried amidst distractions. I've been buying scented candles for many years and loved trying different scents. My sister and I started making our own candles a few years after we started making our beauty products.   In the early stages we tried paraffin but eventually settled with soy because of it's clean long burn.  We also used to make fragrance oil candles but switched to all natural essential oil candles about 2 years ago. We were both finding the fragrance oils were giving us headaches.

What are your favourite candle scents? I'd love to know as we are launching some new scents soon.

There are many sites on how to make candles and in some ways the easy access to such a wealth of information gives everyone the impression that they are easy to make but honestly an exceptional candle takes time, patience and experience. You have to test, test and test some more. 

When purchasing natural candles they should burn from end to end diameter wise and should not tunnel down the middle. I recently had a customer ask me if my candles would burn to the edge because she was fussy and I assured her they would. We take pride in our candles and continue to test often.

All of our natural soy candles are unique one of a kind scents birthed from articulation to creation. Each candle represents our handcrafted stamped watermark [an indelible impression] from our hands to yours. Tweet This.

We offer a variety of sizes and natural scents.  We just recently sold out of a few scents so those are made to order.



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