Back to the Beginning

It’s interesting the way life works. Years ago when we moved to Victoria, I had a group of friends who were all artists like me. I even started a “Dead Poet’s Society” gathering  (we had a different name but at this point in time I can’t remember what we called it) in our back yard complete with a tent and tiki torch where we would all get together to read poetry. There were many friends there that day and Randy came when he could. He was my age, very wise and I always appreciated his input.

Years went by and I didn’t see Randy anymore. I went off to university and moved through many different phases of my life. I always knew Randy was in Victoria but our paths didn’t really cross. Then about a year ago Randy came to one of the markets my sister and I were selling at and it was so nice to see him. I didn’t think anything of it at the time and wondered if our paths would cross again.

Then about 8 months ago my family and I had gone through a really difficult time. We were part of a group of people we really cared about and suddenly there was a dramatic change and everything became fractured and broken. The story isn’t that important now in hindsight. The point is we were all reeling from this experience and felt very isolated and alone. It was Randy that came back into our lives and encouraged us, met us for coffee and offered wise words of wisdom.  He spoke into our lives and really breathed new life into me and helped me realize my potential. Now we are good friends again and I marvel at the fact that he knew me way back when and was a part of a special poetry group I started. Not many people know that side of me and it was wonderful to reconnect with an old friend.

Has life surprised you lately with it’s twists and turns?


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