Basket of Love - Down Syndrome

Pretty sure we were raised with an attitude to give back.  If you had two cookies, you always shared one (and the most important rule was if one cookie/candy/donut was left in the bag, you ALWAYS left it for the next person).  So naturally, when we started our company we immediately started donating 10% from every sale to a local work in the city.

Then we began to look for opportunities where we could share, a young girl opened a house for parents to stay at when their children needed hospital care, so we sent over boxes of soap for that house.  A group of breast cancer survivors were dragon boat racing one summer and needed funds so we designated money from lip balm sales to help them out.  Some times you get a thank you note and most often you don’t hear back, but it doesn’t matter – we’re the ones who get a thrill out of being able to help.

So when I heard about Baskets of Love – Down Syndrome, I knew we had to help.  This sweet mother on the mainland had decided to make gift baskets that she could gift to new parents of children with Down syndrome.  So we made salve for her to include in the first round of baskets.  When the call came out that she needed hats and baby blankets we jumped in.  Now I’ve only corresponded with her online but when she posts pictures of her sweet son, I melt.

Hats and blankets were sewn up and I mailed them to her, but I wanted to be able to share the joy with you so we started with the idea of every time a hat is purchased (that I sew up, fully lined and screen printed with my new found skill :) we’ll donate a hat to Baskets of Love. 

Giving back isn’t an option for us, we are blessed in so many ways and we wanted to find a way to not only pay it forward, but include as many people as we can.  So if you’re looking for a way to help a small, family owned business AND be a part of welcoming babies with Down syndrome to the world, click here and we'll get those hats sewn up. 

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