Beauty in the Tried, Tired & True

I remember it clearly almost as if it was yesterday. My friends and I would squeeze our feet into our pointe shoes like it was a rite of passage and get ready for our ballet class to begin. I had the type of feet that were very sensitive and felt pain acutely but to my friends I pretended I didn't really feel it. You see I was obsessed with dance from a young age and longed to be one of those lithe perfect ballerinas in their pink tutus and graceful arms with perfect pointe precision.

My best friend and I would often talk ballet and what pointe shoes we liked best. We started with Capezio but then I fell in love with Freed's because of their wider toe box. For some reason this brand seemed to lighten the pain ever so slightly. No matter how much lambs wool I shoved into the toe box, the pain was still there and my shoes, tights and leotard were well worn.

Mom always said you could tell a new dancer by the way she dressed. Usually she had a new pair of shoes and new leotard but the well seasoned ones wore old clothes and focused on comfort.

Now years later I'm I bringing beauty to people's senses by creating handcrafted goods including apothecary, candles and home decor products. After 13 years in this business my sister and I have some of our original tools that we started with. It took us 7 years to save up for a custom mold and it wasn't until year 11 that we got a tank type cutter. The wait was worth it because when these new items arrived we were so grateful and appreciative of the journey we had travelled along the way. If something works well, why replace it we say?

I'm often reminded of the well worn dancer when I see so many makers running out to buy the latest gadgets and feeling so impatient with what they have because it's not fast enough or shiny enough. In a lot of ways my sister and I feel like well worn seasoned artisans. We stick with what works and add on to our arsenal when necessary.

Is there something you own right now that has beauty in it's well wornness (yes, I made that word up:)?



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