Being In The Moment

It’s day 31 and I’m still blogging and will continue to do so.

Are you living in the moment? This is something I find myself asking?

A month or so ago I was watching this medical television show and one of the main characters was having this argument with his wife.  Really he was a bit clueless and he had this patient going through this emergency and all his efforts were focused on this patient and nothing else.  This wasn’t the first time though this has happened. In fact his job was ruling his life. His wife comes in to complain and she basically says she has had it because he is never there for her or their kids. It looks like the marriage is over but then at the end of the show she pulls up in her car as he is exiting the hospital and she says “Get in the car, we are going to Julie’s dance recital and you are going to sit there and be present.” He agrees to this and they drive off.

This scene has stayed with me because I’m guilty of not living in the moment a lot of times. There is always something to do in business and often I find myself glued to the computer or making products. I’m missing so much of what is happening around me and I’m absorbed into what I think is some emergency but in reality it’s really not that important.

I used to work at a grocery store as a cashier and my biggest pet peeve was when I was the cashing out someone’s groceries and they would be on their cell phone the whole time ignoring my “Hello, how are you this today?” Now I’m not against cell phones but at least acknowledge me or say hello. Or have you seen people on the street walking or driving and they are texting? These are all examples of not being in the moment.

The challenge to me and to all of you reading is to spend more time in life being in the moment and acknowledging the beauty of the relationships or surroundings happening right in front of you.

Will you remember to be in the moment?


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