Bergamot How Lovely Your Essence

Bergamot (Perfume on a tree) what a wonder you are, your sweet delicate aroma fills me with such delight.  I’ve become fascinated with this fruit for many reasons. Most people are familiar with Earl Grey tea and incidentally one of my favourites especially Earl Grey tea.  There are several local shops that use Earl Grey to make a delicious London Fog with a smoosh of foam on top. 

Recently I purchased Bergamot from Calabria and it smells so fresh, bright and fruity. It’s a part of my heritage as my grandfather is from Calabria and Bergamot in Italian is Frutto di begamotto. As I’ve been researching I’ve discovered how rare Bergamot is as it’s only grown in Calabria.  The Bergamot trees grow along the coastal areas of Reggio.  When Bergamot is ripe it’s yellow and blossoms in April. The fruits are gathered from November to March. It was first planted in Reggio Calabria in 1750.

Bergamot is used in a wide range of perfumes but did you know the pharmaceutical industry uses it for it’s antiseptic and antibacterial power? It is also used in sweets like candy, cakes and tea.

The aromatic scent is described as clean, sweet, subtle, citrusy and fresh.

We carry several products with Bergamot in our line.


Organic Bergamot Deodorant:  An  all natural deodorant without nasty chemicals? Try our all natural organic deodorant that is free of baking soda which can irritate skin. Infused with Organic Shea Butter. It's gentle on sensitive skin too.
Organic Vanilla Earl Grey Lip Balm: A smooth creamy moisturizing vegan lip balm with our decadent in house blend that is sweet with subtle citrus notes.
Organic Vanilla Earl Grey Soap:  This palm free soap is a perfect combination of Citrus with subtle warm Vanilla peeking around the corner. If that doesn't make you want to shower each morning, then relish in your bar of handheld happiness. Aloe Vera has been added to soften and smooth dry skin
We are thrilled to be able to combine our Italian heritage into our Organic product line.
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