Discipline Through Doing


We are now on Day 28 and I can hardly believe it. I accepted this 30 day blog challenge with hesitation not because I couldn't do it. I mean coming up with things to say wasn’t that hard and the mechanics of actually writing every day was doable but I think what scared me the most was the day in and day out of writing every single day and being accountable to a group of people. I said I would do this challenge and I wanted to see it through and stick to my word.

Week one was great, ideas flowing like the river through my head. I decided to stick with themes for 4 days of the week with Caron (the other bloom) guest posting one day a week and leaving 2 days open for whatever, which typically ended up being deep thoughts. This theme idea helped me tremendously because at least I had some idea of topics for those days. Week two went okay as well but it started becoming a little harder. Week three and now week 4 have been so difficult. It’s the sheer determination of writing and trying to come up with original content that is a challenge. I’ve written when I was sick, unmotivated, tired, during time crunches etc.

A very dear friend of mine once said about writing “You’ve got to sit your bum in the chair and just write” and it’s really as simple as that. Not every post is going to be earth shattering (although I’d love it to be and I try my best to write the best possible content I can) but you just keep going. The writing has become easier for me, and I’ve learned I love to write and have for a long time.  I never made time for it except when I was in university and had to write  papers. I still write poetry all the time but writing paragraphs has been more challenging in the past few years. I’m also learning to let go of some preconceived ideas of what others might think about my writing.  When I am thinking that way writing is never great. With anything in life you have to work to accomplish something and that is where discipline comes in. You just keep going no matter how you feel.

I chose two photos above. One of the always classic Audrey Hepburn who was very disciplined in her ballet classes but also in her life. When looking up photos for the word discipline I saw photos of Audrey and several with discipline quotes included so decided to find a motivational quote that worked. The second photo is in relation to exercise but it applies to any discipline because for blogging you do need to make healthy choices with your time in order to get it done.

So I continue to press on until the end of the challenge but where do we go from here you ask? Well I’m planning on blogging at least 2-3 times a week. Thinking Tues, Thurs, Saturday might be good days. What topics would you like to see me chat about or are you enjoying what I’ve chatted about so far?  Do you like the idea of 2-3 days a week for blog posts? I’m listening and really want to hear from you. After all I’m writing with you in mind.



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