DIY Etched Spoons

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A few warnings:

As a warning, it does get crazy hot and can 1) burn skin, 2) burn a whole through clothing and 3) make burn marks on anything it comes into contact with. Only two of these items are inspired by personal experience and I’m embarrassed enough not to tell you which two. : ) So please be careful!

That said, don’t be intimidated. It was actually really easy to work with. Just be careful, and when you aren’t actively using it, rest it on a surface that won’t burn. And of course, make sure to unplug it when you are finished.

There is a chance that when you finish, you will smell like burned wood. So crack a window, turn on a fan and pretend you’re enjoying a bonfire. The result is well worth it.



  • Wooden spoons. Check your local dollar store or get some sturdier ones.
  • Etching Tool

Heat up the etching tool (it looks like this) and get to burning. Any design will do.

You can doodle anywhere you'd like! The design can continue onto the the parts of the utensil that will come in contact with food. Draw on the handle. Draw on the head. Draw on the whole thing! Dots, lines, hatch marks. The sky is the limit.

If you want, make a little symbol, like an artist’s signature, somewhere on the spoon (designmom used her signature heart), because it’s a piece of art! Then tie them up with a ribbon and the gift is ready.

You could gift these as teacher's gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gift etc.

I'd love to see what you come up with if you try it.



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