DIY Saturday - Make a Bunting

I’m a huge fan of “Downton Abbey” and have watched every episode. I love the clothes, the era, the acting, the scenery, the characters, the history. I’ve loved Lady Mary since Season 1 (Cybil was also wonderful but of course I didn’t get to enjoy her long enough). Back to Lady Mary… her acting is superb and the way she carries herself is so elegant. I have to say I haven’t liked her as much in later seasons because she seems to be a “Debbie downer” and not very nice to her sister Edith but I understand parts of her character.

So all this to say I became a little batty over buntings specifically because of “Downton Abbey” especially the scene where Lady Mary gets married to Matthew, there were buntings hanging everywhere.

Buntings represent celebration and I think they are fitting for so many occasions. You can hang them in your bedroom, dress up a dining room and give it a cozy feel, use them at birthday parties either as streamers or hanging above a birthday cake on two sticks.  We have so many varieties in our house and today I’m showing you just one. You can use remnants of fabric you have laying around the house or you can make them out of paper. You don't have to sew them either and today I’m showing you a really simple way to make one in a jiffy.

Get some coloured paper or material (you can use different pieces for each one if you so desire and cut out a two sided triangle on the fold (see above photo) about 1/5 inches big (you can make it bigger or smaller). You will want maybe 8-12 pieces. You only need 3 pieces for a cupcake version.

  1. Then you can get some baker’s twine or string and lay all these pieces with the flat fold side on top over the string and the point facing down.
  2. Then glue all these triangles together along the string one by one. 
  3. Space each one out about 1 inch apart.
  4. Leave a bit of space near the top so you can move them along to space them out.
  5. You decide how long or short you want to make it. For a cupcake bunting you want the triangle mini and need only 3 (see below)
  6. Then you tie the ends around the top of the chopsticks and stick the bottoms in a cupcake to support them.

You can also not use chopsticks and then just hang your bunting up to enjoy.  If you want to sew each triangle you can either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Have you ever made a bunting? I’d love to hear all about it.

Here's to more creations,


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