Do you need a cupful of joy?

Today is a guest post by Victoria Guzzo.

In Canada the flowers have faded, and are preparing for their winter’s nap.  Their colors have been replaced by deep colored autumn leaves.   Big orange pumpkins and other colorful squash are shining in the grocery stores.   Cooler weather brings out the woolies and a warm throw over the sofa.  Nesting in with a bowl of popcorn while watching a move and relaxing at the end of the day,  is something we all look forward to in the Fall. 

This is so not your life, I can hear you say.

How do you find joy when you can’t find it?  Or do you even know what brings you joy any more?  So many needs around you and so little time.  And so many demands on that time.

Do you remember the last time you just burst over with joy?   When you finished the 10K run?   When you endured to the end of a spin class? When you reached the top of that mountain climb?   Is joy really that elusive?

What can you be grateful for today?  Who can you rejoice with?  Can you phone an old friend because you want to hear their voice and tell them you miss them?  It’s as simple as thanking a person for a favor, sending off a quick e-mail, or acknowledging someone that supported you in a work project.

Thanksgiving is this week end.  A time to pause and think about what we are grateful for.  I am sure what you are not grateful for comes to mind first.  But as a small boy said when asked what he was grateful for.  “I am grateful for just being me.”  I think he said it best .   Are you grateful for being you?  There is no one else like you.  

Yes, this blog is about joy, as being grateful leads to joy. 

Life is full of joy, find that cupful today and pass it on.  



Victoria Guzzo is world traveller and lover of people.  Two Blooms products are her favourite.

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