Drive or Walk


Sat in the car waiting for a friend to get off work and I watched an older lady get out of her car and amble slowly to the store.  Her joints just looked stiff and it didn’t help she was very cranky looking.  While she was crossing the parking lot, a much older man rode up on his bike, jumped off like a 10 year old would in his spandex shorts and picked up his bike and almost skipped to the bike lock up area.  At one point they actually intersected, he with his bike in the air and her with her creaky joints.

And it got me to thinking.  Walk or drive?  If I had the choice and the time what would my first instinct be?  This morning we had to make soap delivery and we chose to walk.  I’d like to tell you it was 87 miles away, the reality is it takes 30 minutes to walk one direction.  And the only reason we chose to walk was the reward of carrot cake and coffee nearby.

And what about those two seniors I saw in the parking lot?  The older man was at least in his 70’s but I don’t think he knew how old he was.  He clipped around in his biking shoes and if he hadn’t turned around and I saw his face, I would have thought he was a teenager.  So is biking/walking really that healthy for you?

Here are some of the facts:

  • Walking tunes up the cardiovascular system.
  • Walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 60 per cent.
  • Walking is a spot reducer and melts abdominal fat.  It also reduces the risk of chronic disease and improves balance and coordination.

Seriously?  I had no idea walking really did that much.  My mother walks everywhere, she has her driver’s license but she would rather walk than drive.  If you ask if she needs a drive she’ll just laugh, regardless if its rainy or snowing, she will walk to the bank 30 minutes down the road.  It’s just the way she has always been while her slug daughters have to be bribed with carrot cake and coffee to get their walk in.  Your turn, walk or drive?

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