Food. Glorious. Food.

Have you heard?  It’s pie season.  Last week in church the pastor started talking about how much he loved pie, then he started naming the flavours and honestly, I got so sidetracked on pies I don’t remember the sermon.

A friend came to visit last week and we stopped at my favorite restaurant right by the airport.  As soon as we got out of the car we saw the sign celebrating PIE WEEK.  And they had a bunch of samples to try before you even got in the restaurant.

Then my favorite grocery store declared that its “Pie Week”, so of course I had to go over and look at what they had.  GIANORMOUS pecan pies were only $3.99 each, are you kidding me?  Pecans (side note here, do you say "pea-cans or pe-cons") were liberally sprinkled all over the top.  An older couple stood by the pie display debating pumpkin or pecan and I wanted to yell "forget the pumpkin, snap up those pecan pies".  Instead I bought two (one is for the freezer of course) and headed home.

And don’t get me started on the sandwich I had for lunch today.  On the newscast this week, favorite anchor guy introduces a story about his new favourite sandwich.  One of the news staff is so enamoured with this sandwich that they actually named a sandwich after him.  They make this into an entire news story.  We see the sandwich being made, them eating it, everyone smiling and chewing away.  So naturally, I’ve been obsessing over the sandwich.  So today, while running around town visiting craft markets, buying labels etc I figure out that I am in the vicinity of the sandwich store.  I drive up and the parking lot is filled with police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, nobody looks concerned so I walk in.  Now this will tell you why I am still single – there is a line up of very good looking policemen, firemen and paramedics.  Everyone is dressed in their uniform and I did look and think ‘wow, this could be a casting call everyone is so good looking’.  But do I initiate any kind of flirtatious conversation?  NO!!  I AM OBSESSED WITH MY SANDWICH and make no eye contact with anyone else except the sandwich fixins.  The guys are all laughing, making jokes, getting their sandwiches but I am fixated on the menu.

That’s right, I could be home right now getting ready for a date with one of the stud muffins I saw in the line up today, but no, instead I am sitting here typing this blog dreaming of the next time I can go and get another sandwich.

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