Go slow. Think small.

Years ago I heard a speaker who presented 4 verbs that were the opposite of what we expected.  It was long ago so I barely remember the words, but the intent has stayed with me.  Probably because swimming against the stream has always appealed to me.

So here’s todays wise words of wisdom.  Go slow.  Whatever you’re doing right now, slow it down.  Because you’re probably rushing to get several things done at once, holding the phone, getting dinner ready, checking your email, answering questions being yelled at you, feeding the dog etc.  We all do.  Multitasking is always viewed as the ideal.  Fly the plane, do the surgery, discover the cure and bake bread for your family of 14, easy peasy right?

What if we did one thing at once?  Not try and cram 4 things into a single event, can we do it?  I’ve gotten into the horrible habit of getting up in the morning and running down to our studio to check email for your orders etc.  And be kind because at least I don’t keep my computer beside my bed for heaven’s sake!  Before breakfast or even conversation I check emails.  Really?  Do I need to do that before noon?  Do you?

And because I am a dreamer and a doer and I’ve always got plans, what if we slowed down and started thinking smaller?  Instead of dominating the world with our wares, what if we focused on one area of our business at a time.  And tweaked one little thing a day?  Small is manageable, its doable.  Set a really tiny goal and be kind and loving to yourself with the deadline.  As I type this, there is a pile of paperwork right beside me waiting for my attention.  I can see it out of the corner of my eyes while my fingers dance on the keyboard.  I can hear it saying “hello, hello we’re here, do something with us, we’re getting dusty just sitting here”.  And so, the small goal is in the next 6 hours to file those papers away.  Not to redecorate my entire office, not to vacuum, wash down the walls and paint it all.  But to liberate that little pile of papers and file them away.  Easy peasy right?

You’re next.  Tell me where you can slow down and what can you do smaller?

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