Is There an Expiry Date for [Dreams] Dreamers?

Sat down the other day and thought about making a ‘bucket list’.  You know, all the things you want to get done before you turn 105.

 And I got really depressed because I couldn’t think of a single thing that I hadn’t already done.  Get stuck on top of the Eiffel Tower at midnight? Check.  Build huts in Fiji and get lost in the jungle on the way back? Yup.  Lose your passport in Russia and imagine you’ll never see your home again?  Yes.

 I’ve had the opportunity to live my wildest dreams, how a girl from a single family home got to travel and live all over the world is a dream come true.  Then to get to move to an island, buy a house, be in business with your best sister ever and actually live on it – WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM.

 So what was the matter with me?  So I sat a little longer and thought about the dreams that didn’t happen, the roads I didn’t take and the choices I didn’t make.  I thought being married to a farmer, having 14 children and baking loaves of bread and taking brownies and pots of tea out to the fields every day was the ultimate.  But it didn’t happen.  And you know what?  That’s perfectly ok.

It’s not I’ve given up dreaming, its that I’ve forgotten how to.  I look at everything that’s wrong and forget to sit down and see the poppies growing out of a crack on the side of my planter.  I forget to dream, to believe, to stand on my tiptoes and reach because I get too busy, too distracted, too wrapped up in the nothingness that can consume my day.  Instead, I need to embrace the mere act of dreaming and believing and enjoy the journey.  So what if the dream doesn’t actually happen, just imagine how much fun I can have imagining it.

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