Kissed by Nature

Your face is a delicate area and there are so many skin types and sensitivities so we wanted to create a face moisturizer that was light yet absorbed into the skin and left it soft and feeling hydrated.  Our ‘Rose Geranium’ Face Nourish is a dream on your skin.  It comes in a 50 ml glass amber jar. Key Ingredients include:

*Wildcrafted Organic Shea Butter from the Wali women in northern Ghana and provides the women with  an income to provide for their families.  It’s a great moisturizer because it contains fatty acids which help with the skin’s elasticity. 

*Rosehip Oil which helps treat dry and irritated skin

*Rose Geranium essential oil for it’s classic scent and rosy floral aroma.

I usually recommend this product for day time use and apply mine in the morning after I wash and cleanse my skin with our ‘Organic Face Rehab’ soap.

For nighttime use you can’t go wrong with our ‘Ultra Luxe Organic Face Elixir’.  This serum is a dream on your skin and has a variety of uses.  A little goes a long way so you only need a drop or two for your entire face. Formulated with ultra sensitive skin in mind, it uses our combination of Organic Argan oil for it’s unique antioxidant and moisturizing abilities, Rosehip for improving elasticity and Organic Olive oil rich in Vitamin E.

You can use it a variety of ways:

  1. Works beautiful on cuticles, just rub a drop into each nail and give yourself a mini massage
  2. As a makeup remover, dab a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe off your makeup
  3. As a moisturizer
  4. Makes a great massage oil
  5. It will leave your hair glowing , dab a few drops in the palm of your hands and run them through your hair

You won’t be disappointed with either  of these summer beauty must haves.



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