Let me choose. And Love me for it.

So over here in Canada, we had our elections.  Like your President, we voted for a Prime Minister (which always makes me think of prime rib, but I digress).  Leading up to the election was some of the most un-Canadian behaviour I’ve ever seen.

Facebook friends were blatant in their criticism of the Prime Minister who was still on duty.  They called him stupid, ignorant, satan and so forth.  And then, if you dared support this man, you were lumped in and called a fool and some weren’t sure they could stay friends if you sided with this guy.

But here’s the thing.  What happened to my free choice to choose who I want?  Why can’t I choose to vote for someone who isn’t popular?  What if I thought they had integrity I wanted him for my head of state?  Aren’t I allowed to think as I like and make my own decisions?  Apparently not.

Ever notice that some choose to live alternative lifestyles and they are applauded and in fact, parades are held just so they can participate in them.  People will post stickers on their cars and store windows welcoming them and their alternative choices.  But I try and vote differently and suddenly the bullying becomes real.

So some choices are popular and some aren’t?  I didn’t put an election candidate sign on my lawn because I knew our house would get egged (as in drive by late at night and people empty a dozen of eggs on your house,  just in case that’s a Canadian phenomenon :).

Why can’t we celebrate everyone's choice?  Who are you to dictate how I think?  Just as I don’t dictate to you how you should live.  Why can’t we celebrate each individual person just for being them?  I would have been happy if people wrote on their pages “this is my opinion but I will still love you if you vote differently”.  Instead, after the winner had been declared I scrolled through and started unfriending people who were gloating.  Some called those of us who didn’t choose the winner ‘losers’.  Really?  Your life is that small that you need to stand on your soapbox and in your adult voice say “nah nah nah nah, I won and you lost”.

Life is short friends and I won’t play the game.  You choose what you want and I promise to love you just the way you are.

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