Let me show you how to turn a lemon seed into solitude

Plant. Wait. Grow

The cashier asked me where I got the glue.  I waved over to the front of the store and she said ‘school supplies?’ and I said ‘yes’, because that was the area I bought it in.  She automatically reduced the price assuming I was buying school supplies for my children.  What does this have to with lemon seeds and solitude? Read on to find out more.

It didn’t dawn on me until I got home what she meant.  I thought she was referring to the section of the store, she meant were they school supplies.  I tabulated the nine cents of savings and decided it wasn’t worth the drive back to the store.

Its ingrained in me after years of teaching school.  No matter where in the world I taught (Canada, US, Hawaii (I know its in the US, but it deserves special mention), Panama, Fiji, Russia – the school year brings a sense of anticipation to children worldwide (and the same sense of relief to parents :)

It’s a new school year and to me it’s the real new years.  It’s the time to clean up from a wild summer of BBQ’s, lemon iced tea, beach parties and trips to the cabin (or, if you’re an entrepreneur, a summer of working way into the night and catching glimpses of the neighbours as they come home with tales from the beach :)

So whether you’re prepping for school lunches or just slogging away at the same old, same old – I have a challenge for you.  The lemon you squeeze in your water?  Take those seeds and plant them in a pot of soil.  Put it on your windowsill and watch the magic of newness unfold.  Even if it doesn’t sprout into a lemon tree, the new leaves unfurling will remind you that there’s still a whole lot of life still to be lived.  New challenges, new joys and new days ahead.  So don’t get too bogged in the day to day stuff, plant something and watch what blooms and enjoy the solitude.

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