Living and Loving the West Coast

We are bringing you a sneak peak behind the scenes of the personalities of Two Blooms Design Studio featuring sisters Caron & Michelle.

What do you love about working with Michelle?

I love working with my sister, she is one of the funniest people I know – seriously.  And Michelle pushes the envelope all the time and I need that.  I tend to play things safe, make the same soap, same colors same scent.  She’s the one who will decide at the last minute, just as the soap comes to trace that we’re going to do the ‘Panamanian two legged, jaguar swirl J, so as I am pouring soap she’s mixing up colors and of course the soap comes out brilliantly.

What drives your crazy about Michelle?

She’s a night owl.  She starts working around 2-4pm and can easily go until midnight.  I am a an early morning kind of girl.  Plus she’s a perfectionist, (don’t I get to give you two crazy things :)

Still, one of my favorite people to hang out with. And a brilliant artisan that I am so glad I am related to

What is quirky about Michelle?

She has her own special language and this is just a short snapshot of some of her sayings.

  • Bird Land Plan Quacitty Quack (she sings a song) = when she is eating healthy and clean
  • Hollow Like a Tree = She is really hungry
  • Miss Wanda = a pointed pink spatula
  • Squatville = Nothing is going on
  • Crickets = Silence
  • What’s in the joint? = She has a craving and can’t seem to fill it.
  • Clickety Click Barba Trick = What’s going on around here?
  • Fribbled = Out of sorts
  • Staring at her nails or standing like a stork = She feels awkward and out of place

What do you love about working with Caron?

She can get things done really quickly. I’m more of a process detail person and tend to be slower. So when we are in a crunch for time Caron can come in and really get me moving to the point where I’m saying:  “Slow down I need  time to make my essential oil blends or I need to organize my containers and clear my space.

She is amazing at social media. She has such a bubbly personality and is so engaging with people she hasn’t even met. I admire that about her and wish I had more of that in my own life.

What drives you crazy about Caron?

She is not a perfectionist like me. I’m loathe to let her label anything because she isn’t as fussy about it being OCD straight and perfect. Don’t get me wrong she gets it done, but it may be a hair out of place and believe me folks, it’s something that I notice like a neon light.

When I am really out of time though I’ll call her in to help me label because it has to get done.

What is quirky about Caron?

She loves to be eccentric in a fun kind of way. She does the opposite of everyone else. Her clothes are uniquely her because she likes to be comfortable. If everyone is on trend with  clothes she likes wear the opposite.  I admire her artistic flair as she is wildly creative. It seems like she can do everything and loves to be with artists.

The secret ingredient to our fabulous products …

We love hiking, sitting by the ocean, going out for coffee and having staff meetings. Our love of the west coast is reflected in each product through colour, scent and design.  We never stop dreaming and are always passionate and excited about each creation.

A little well known fact is we pump the dance music up high and get moving when working.

Tell us your favourite song to dance too.


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