Look How Far We've Come

Yesterday as we were at our farmer’s market we had the chance to meet some new people. One of our old friends came up to our booth with his son. His wife used to run the market we sell at. Caron and I couldn’t believe how tall his son was as he was a wee little lad all those years ago. Today he was twelve. We got to talking about the old days and he commented that the market had changed. While talking to him and after he left I realized just how much the landscape of the market had changed. I can tell you from memory where certain vendors used to sell.   Customers have changed as well, new vendors have come in and it’s a whole different market.  When I came home later that day I was working on labels and came across an old soap label and also realized how much we’ve grown as a business.

Caron and I so appreciate all the local support we’ve received over the years and couldn’t do what we do without you our customers.  Our local mayor dreams the way we do, that stores in our downtown area would continue to support local artisans and not rely on importing so much. Not that there is anything wrong with imports, but it would be nice to see something from the city we live in.  We are in a high tourist area and I would think someone visiting would want to take something home from an artist in our city.   Whenever I travel I always like to pick up something from that city to bring home to remind me of that place.

We can’t forget to thank our customers outside of Victoria, they're the reason we’ve been able to continue to do what we love. 

I’ve seen this online many times but when you support an artisan you are contributing to all their years of hard work, research, failures and successes, their passion, you're helping them continue on their journey, putting food on the table and allowing them to continue pursing their dreams.

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