Looking for a Wheat Free Vegan Snack?

We LOVE making our own flax seed crackers and you can control the amount of heat or salt you want to put in them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 cups of whole flax seeds (try and get organic if possible)
  • Approximately 2 cups of water
  • ¼ cup tamari or Braggs or soy sauce (optional, we don’t use this but its yummy)
  • Sea salt to taste (only add if you aren’t using the above)
  • 1 TB fresh herbs or whatever you have in your pantry

In a large bowl cover the flax seeds with water and let them soap for at least 2 hours.  It will become quite gelatinous.  We sometimes put half the seeds in a high speed blender just to add some variety to the mix.

You want the seeds gooey and runny not a thick clump (ask me how I know this :)

Add seasonings, herbs or salt.  Feel free to add some lemon or lime juice, some heat (hot pepper sauce etc.)

Take a couple of spoonfuls and spread it thin (1/8”) on a pan or a dehydrator sheet.

Set your dehydrator or stove to 100 degree F for about 4-6 hours.

Check them after 4 hours and flip them over to get both sides crispy.  Break or slice into pieces, store in a plastic container.  Spread with humous, avocado or omit all the savoury flavourings and top with nut butter and jam. 

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