Love Yourself

Remember the post about walking vs. driving?  So today was day 2 of walking for a delivery, 27 long agonizing minutes there with NO BREAK FOR CARROT CAKE I might add and 29 minutes walking back.

Yes the beauty was lovely, tall grasses filling the fields, all browning edges throwing themselves together like a deranged quilt.  The leaves are bright red and just about ¾ of the way off the trees, cars are covered in bright red crinkled up maple leaves.  When you walk on the sides of the streets you can be 6 inches in leaves and they crunch when you walk.  Although at this age I worry about spiders laying in wait and happy to pounce on your legs, or tics, I forgot about tics.  Ok, enough of the leaf walking.

But the point is (and you knew there had to be a point to this didn’t you:)), I made the time to take care of myself today by walking.  I didn’t want to, I didn’t have time and I didn’t want to.  But sitting here an hour later I am happy to have made the effort.  So what if we took the time to love ourselves a little more?  Like when you’re ready to fly in a plane and the airline lady says “in the case of emergency, put the face mask on YOURSELF first, before you help someone else”.  What if we took care of ourselves first before we took care of everyone?  Anne Lamott is a great writer to follow if you don’t already.  She always talks about rubbing lemon lotion onto her jiggly thighs and practicing self-love.  Here is our plug, try our Organic Lemon Grove Lotion.

Which means when the jellyroll appeared at breaktime today, I may have enjoyed a rather JUMBO slice because I was really loving myself.  But to be fair, I did walk 56 minutes very briskly!!

I took this picture of these locks on a business trip I took by myself in January. It felt like 85 below zero and I wanted to stand and just stare at these locks, I wanted to try every single one of them and see if they were really locked but frostbit was threatening.  On that trip I took such good care of myself, I ate well, went to bed early and wore make up and lotion then when I came back home it all went downhill.  How about we agree to try one thing to love ourselves better, I’ve already signed up for something on Monday night you’ll be hearing about.  Tell me what your one thing will be.

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