Mind Blowing Way to Take Macro Photos with an iPhone

To all of my American friends “Happy July 4th” I hope you have a great day.

As I’m Canadian we had our celebration on July 1st and instead of going downtown to watch the fireworks which is what we’ve done in the past, we hiked a mountain. Problem is there are way too many people and it’s mobbed in the city. You have to take the bus and down and there are so many people on there. On top of that everyone is really loud and screaming etc. Then when you take the bus home you sometimes are waiting for ages to get on because everyone is trying to get home just like you.  So this year the Two Blooms decided to go somewhere else that didn’t involve taking the bus and had a great view. There were people but only 1,000 instead of several thousands. If you really want to know all about the mountain hike in the pitch dark at 10pm at night I’ll tell you, but I think it’s pretty low key.

Today is DIY Saturday and I was trying to find something that men would enjoy creating too. Problem is I don’t have a lot of tools myself except the basics like a hand saw, some screw drivers etc. Also a lot of projects I looked up involved things I didn’t have so I looked for something that involved very few tools and I stumbled across a neat trick.

I found this on Pinterest. My sister (the other bloom) has a real old iphone (like from the Ark, hahaha kidding but it’s pretty old). Anywho it’s very hard to take a close up macro photo on a iphone on it’s own. Maybe that is easier on the newer versions but I can only speak of this older model that I'm experimenting with. So here is what happens when you take a close up shot with your iphone. It’s all black looking.

  1. So you need to get an old laser pointer. Don’t get a newer one, that is what I had on hand and it was impossible to get to the magnifying glass as it was glued underneath a plastic insert. I used pliers but gave up after breaking the plastic insert.
  2. Then get the focusing lens and grab hold of it with a bobby pin.  Then attach that to iphone’s camera with tape. You may need to flip the lens upside down if it’s not working.
  3. Take a photo and lay the camera on the object and zoom in and you have your close up.

Sure you can buy some fancy attachment but where is the fun in that?  Any cool tips you have to share? Let it rip in the comments section.

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