New York New York

We flew to New York  a few years ago and stayed in the Chelsea District and absolutely loved it. The food is amaaaazing and in the 10 days we were there we actually had way more eateries to try but ran out of time.

We fell in love with  the Chelsea Market. The hot cocoa I had there was the richest and most divine I’d ever had in my life.  The atmosphere was  cozy with lots of brick and earthen colours.  It was  a great place to people watch.

One day we saw a pop up market happening steps from where we were staying and checked it buying  some beautiful colourful scarves.

The bagels are to die for and I bought mine right near the big Apple store on West 14th Street. Oh the Apple store was awesome with cool glass stairs, I had to go in just to check it out. My sister and I bought iphone/ipod cases as a souvenir.

Being in New York I had to try  Crumbs cupcakes which is like a dessert instead of a cupcake. They were filled with caramel  filling instead, that is decadent .

Don’t go during spring break which is when we chose to go because there are so many people everywhere (more then usual).  One of  the things I remember most is that we walked about 4 hours a day. There was just so much to explore and see and not enough time in the day. We would come home at night exhausted from walking so long but we covered a lot of ground.

Now if your on the C Train or any train for that matter and a guy walks in and says to everyone “Open Your Wallets” that’s completely normal. It happened to us and I looked around at everyone’s faces and no one flinched so I figured this must be normal,j then the man went on to say that he was raising money for a charity.

Speaking of The C Train as I was looking through my photos of this trip I found one where I was writing a poem called “The C Train” and I’ve delayed this post today spending time looking for it but can’t find it anywhere. Stay tuned in case I find it.

Our funny moment was when we bought orange trucker hats at some store because we there during a heat wave. Everyone thought we were truckers or something because we clearly looked a little crazy but we didn’t care we wore our hats everywhere to avoid getting sun burn. Another trick we learned years ago living in Hawaii is to take a cotton bandana and soak it in cold water and wear it around your neck. It really keeps you cool so we had that look going on as well. We were attractive looking tourists that’s for sure.

Would I go back again? Yes I would because Caron and I ran out of time and there was so much more we could have done.

Tell me somewhere interesting you’ve been in the comments below? We love hearing from you. 


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