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You eat the best so why not wear the best? Today’s spotlight ingredient is Avocado Oil. Did you know that the oil comes from the flesh of the fruit and not the seed?  There are many benefits to this oil besides using it for cooking.  For this article I’ve focused on skin benefits but there are so many benefits to consuming the oil as well.

  • It contains Vitamins A, E & D (It is one of the top five foods highest in Vitamin E)
  • It has anti-aging properties.
  • Applying it will keep your skin supple
  • Applying it helps reduce wrinkles
  • Great for relieving an itchy scalp
  • Use it to help improve hair growth
  • Using avocado oil as a moisturizer gives your skin a boost, helps replenish and makes stronger cells within the body. The Vitamin E, lecithin and potassium are readily absorbed into the skin.
  • It’s a thicker oil and won’t absorb as quickly as other oils so if you suffer from eczema or extreme dryness, try a thin layer on your skin as it will help prevent itchiness.
  • Can be used on burns, cuts or scrapes.  Your skin will heal faster and it may prevent scarring.
  • Based on a study done in 2013 in the journal issue of “Dermatology” Avocado Oil combined with B12 may help treat psoriasis.
  • Works great as a makeup remover

According to Elle Magazine published on September 17, 2014 Avocodo Oil maybe the new Coconut Oil.

Here is a simple recipe you can try:  Try mixing a few drops of avocado oil with a bit of warm water or toner (we have one here) and massaging it into your face and neck. 

At Two Blooms we love using this amazing oil in our products. It is in 95 percent of our organic Soaps, Nerola Skin Nourish, Deodorant, lip balms and lotions.

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