Oil to clean your face? Seriously?

Growing up with oily skin meant that I often rubbed cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol across my face.  We used to buy ugly smelling dermatology lotions that were supposed to clean your skin and eliminate pimples.  We thought that the worse it smelled the better it would work.

Fast forward a couple of years and it seems that washing your face with oil is actually much better for your skin.  Wait?  Seriously?  Washing with oil helps the oil on my face?  How can this be?

But its true, why use soap on your face when its going to strip all the natural oils out of your skin causing your face to feel tight and wrinkles to pop up?

Have you tried using oil before?  Let me tell you how easy it is and how wonderful your face will feel.  All you need is our Organic Azulene Face Elixir, a clean wash cloth and warm tap water.

Put a couple of drops of our Organic Azulene Face Elixir in the palm of your hands, then with your fingertips massage in all over your skin.  Concentrate on problem areas of your skin and gently massage the oil in, take a few minutes and just slow down and breathe (this is something to do at night, not first thing in the morning :))  After you’ve massaged your entire face with the oil, rinse your clean wash cloth in warm water (as warm as you can enjoy, not hot but not cold).  Then press the warm wash cloth to your face and feel the warm steam clear your pores.  Gently begin wiping the oil off.  Repeat this step at least twice with very warm water, letting the steam seep in.

If your skin feels a bit tight or dry, take a drop of oil and gently massage into your skin.  It will easily absorb right in and your skin will be glowing.

And now you’re on trend not only with Two Blooms organic products but also on cleansing your face naturally.  For our blog readers we are offering an introductory special for the next few days of $25.00 for our Organic Azulene Face Elixir which is a power house that reduces inflammation in the skin tissue.  As an antioxidant, it shields the skin from the damage of free radicals.  And wait there's more!  It helps alleviate the redness from blemishes, allowing the complexion to clear up quicker. 

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