Outstanding in your field?

This afternoon found me at yet another winter craft market, I am always trying to be on trend and wanted to see what other crafters were up to (notice I am purposely using the word ‘crafter’ since that’s what was advertised).  Not a lot of new or different but I did find some exceptional artisans scattered throughout the venue.

What’s the difference?  I’ve participated in farmer's markets for over a dozen years, before that I was in craft markets.  This year I had the honour of being the Etsy City Lead and produced an Etsy Made in Canada Market with 65 artisans.

Lets look at the definitions and see if that helps:

Crafter: skill in doing or making something, as in the arts, proficiency.

Artisan: A person that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.

How would your designate yourself?  Artisan? Crafter?  As usual, I am seeing a LOT of bath and body vendors at these events.  Prices range all over the place, todays were the lowest price points I’ve seen for soap, lotion, sprays etc all hand made presumably.

What makes any of them stand out?  Hard to say, display and first impressions of course.  A personal preference is to have price tags, I don’t really like having to say over and over and over again ‘how much is this’?  If there is any hesitation, I always wonder if the next person asking will get a different answer.

The last few markets I’ve visited, no one stands out.  They’re all saying the same thing “all natural, no chemicals, I make this for my children with rashy skin”.  Please hear me, I am not putting any of these people down, but rather I am seeing myself in a whole new light. What makes me different?  How do I stand out so when you want to make a purchase, why would you shop with me?

Your turn?  What makes you stand out from the crowd?  Yes, I know you are unique and there is only one of you, but how do you make a difference in this over crowded market of crafters/artisans?

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