We are at the tail end of farmers market season, which means that after Saturday the tent, the tables, shelves and all the bins of product can move back into the house.  It’s a great day of celebration in that we’ve endured 6 months of blistering hot summer days, windy/rainy days and the wonderful experience of meeting tourists, visitors and the locals.  We’ve met wonderful new friends who make us feel like we’ve discovered the cure for boredom with our apothecary products.

Along with our weekly markets we still wholesale, have two online shopping websites and make all the product, design labels and promote it all on social media.  So we are just the tiniest bit tired, weary, exhausted by now.  BUT a quick look on the calendar shows that Christmas shows are beginning for us in a mere two weeks.

Since the chances of flying to Maui for two weeks are slim to none, I knew I had to do something drastic and something inexpensive.  Something to wake me up, something to stir the creative juices and something that would get me excited for the upcoming season. 

So I changed my bedsheets to these fluffy, cozy absolutely luxurious sheets that I found at Wal-Mart years back.  Then I moved my bed to another wall and re-arranged the furniture.  I was actually getting excited about all of this, started looking at clothes I no longer wear and got a pile ready for the Goodwill store.

Then I went down to the studio and thought the way things are organized now isn’t really doing much.  So I literally dragged furniture from one room into the next, took down shelves, restacked them neatly and created a whole new work space right in front of the window.  And sitting here typing I am looking around thinking “I am loving this space, I want to create!”.  And it required no money and just a couple of hours of time.

Perspective allows us to see the same things in a new way.  It can revitalize something that was missing or simply show us a different way to do something.  Its addictive, I am looking at all the areas in my life and looking at ways to do things slightly different.  Tell me if you’ve ever made small changes and if your perspective changed along with it.

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