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Recently I discovered a new product by We Love Eyes and today I’ll be talking about the Eyelid Scrub Kit.

A few weeks ago I was overdue for an eye exam and when I met with my optometrist I asked her to recommend a product for blepharitis. It’s a condition that causes inflammation in the eyelids. In my case my eyes get red, itchy and at the base of my eyelash on the bottom part of my lid (sometimes I get it on top too) I get these flaky bits. It often feels like something is in my eyes almost like sand. My optometrist recommended We Love Eyes so I was curious to try it out.

This product duo is safe for your eyes and includes tea tree oil to keep your eyes sparkling clean. It was created by Dr. Tanya Gill and is great for those with dry eyes and blepharitis. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben-free & sulfate-free.

First I used the tea tree eyelid & eyelash cleansing oil. It comes with a glass dropper and I used a Q-tip and applied 2 drops to one side and gently glided it along the base of my eyelash with my eyes closed. Then I opened my eyes and applied the Q-tip along the base of the lower lash line as I tend to get flaky areas there. Then use the other end of your Q-tip and apply more drops for your other eye.

It felt soothing after I applied it to each eye.

For the second stop I applied one pump of the tea tree eyelid & eyelash foaming cleanser to a washcloth and used this to gently sweep across my eyelid with my eyes closed. Be careful not to open your eyes. Then wet a washcloth and rinse off. Repeat with the other eye and you’re good to go. The cleanser also works well removing make up.

After about 5 uses I’m really enjoying this product. My eyes feel so much better and happy after using it. HIGHLY recommend this product.

When ordering the The Eyelid Scrub Kit online you can choose to add the adorable love cloth zipper bag to your order. It’s a great storage option.

If you try this product leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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