Rebrand? Unbrand?

It seems to be the thing to do these days.  Rebrand.  Start fresh, start new and of course the masses will follow.  I can actually remember a songstress years ago saying she was rebranding her image.  So we all watched and waited and when the same old, same old came back, we were disappointed.

We're no longer a product or artisans, but we're encouraged now to be a 'brand'.  And after a few years we're encouraged to re-brand.  Take down all the old and put up all the new.  Which we have done several times in our 13 years as a company.  We are creatives, so to sit and dream up something new is easy for us.

But I can't help but wonder if we're missing something.  How about if instead of rebranding, we keep the old and reinforce all the good bits.  Years ago we were subjected to a giant reno (don't ask, it involved a neighbours pool that emptied into our house).  So the workers gutted the lower level and took it down to the studs.  Every night we'd walk around downstairs and marvel at the echo of emptiness, we'd touch the wooden beams and follow the wiring.  The workers always told us "you've got good bones in this house" and we'd smile figuring it was a compliment.  And slowly (and I mean slowly) they rebuilt the downstairs.  Adding on to the good and solid foundation.

And so maybe we need to do more of that.  Forget the shine and razzle dazzle that so easily grabs our attention and instead focus on the simplicity.  The bare bones.  The foundation.  And instead of going for bigger and better, focus on the true, the good and the beauty that is found all around us.


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