Random fact: I was the yearbook editor my junior year in college.  Motivation was having a crush on the photographer and if that didn’t work out, I also thought one of the writers was cute.

The publishing company we worked with called me one day asking what the title would be.  Not a single clue. The entire yearbook had been compiled, all ready at the printers (on schedule) and I had no title.

Told the nice rep I would call him on Monday with the title and began to panic.  Took long walks in the forest, went to the beach, coffee shops and nothing, not a single spark of an idea.  Sunday night driving back from groceries and I looked up at a restaurant name and there in giant lights was the answer ‘Reflections’.

Re-flec-tion – the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat or sound without absorbing it.

You acknowledge it, you hear it, but you don’t absorb it into your life.  This past Saturday at the farmer's market customers were grumpy and it got into our heads.  So on the drive home, soaking wet because it had started to rain miserably for 30 minutes before the market ended.  (we had to stay in the pouring rain, because the market rules state you can not leave early).  

So as we drove home like wet sheep dogs with a soaking wet tent and we began to complain and grumble and push each others buttons (as only sweet sisters can).  Those grumpy customers and the rain completely threw our day off.  We grumbled, we whined and wallowed.

Reflections -  it's so important to reflect back on what’s happened, where we’ve been, where we’ve come from and where we’re heading.  But do not absorb it.  Practice shaking it off and moving forward.  Even if it takes having a nice cup of chai tea or enjoying a decadent latte to help shake it off, do it.  You’re absolutely, positively worth it.

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