Run a 5K, are you joking?

Caron (the other bloom of Two Blooms) has posted about our running adventure here and here and now it’s my turn to describe the events that led up to me joining this torturous class.  Yup Caron saw a sign driving by several times that said ‘Sofa to 5 K’ and for some reason it was calling her. The only time I’ve run is in high school and college and it was never something I loved. I did it more because it was required for gym credits. In college I toyed with it because we had a track close by and the odd time here and there I would run for exercise. Years ago I tried the beginner’s running method where you walk for 5 minutes and running 1 minute or something like that.  I tried it several times but never really stuck with it. Deep down though I’ve always wondered if I could run some sort of marathon. I’m in city that is known for this as there are several marathons year found because we have the ideal climate. 

A few years ago I remember going to Washington for a crab festival and on the way to the ferry there was a marathon happening. We were early so we stood and watched people passing the finished line. There were all ages and some brought tears to my eyes. It was that moment that I secretly wondered if I could ever muster up the ability to do a marathon. There never really is a question if I can physically do it because with determination and patience I think most of us can accomplish anything if we really put our minds to it.

So Caron calls and asks about the course and its full. I hear her on the phone and I breathe a secret sign of relief. I’m out of shape. Yes I walk a lot but I’m not used to running at all. So Caron goes on the wait list. Finally we get a call and one spot is open. I’m still relieved and tell Caron she can go the class alone and teach me the ropes. She says to the lady we are waiting for another spot. You guessed it we get a second call saying I’m in. While the lady puts Caron on hold she is yelling to me asking if I want to do it and I’m debating back and forth and finally yell yes but hesitantly.  To be continued in another post.

Has anything happened recently that you've dreaded? You dread it because you know it's good for you and you don't want to do it or maybe it's a obligation of sorts.

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