Salts that soothe

So my research has taken me to the study of bathing through the ages.  The Romans were known to have 3,000 people bathing simultaneously including huge food feasts, theatre and a little massage thrown in for good measure.  The feasts, theatre and massage sound good to me, until I think about the 2,999 other people in the tub with me. In the words of Jimmy Fallon, ‘ewwwww’.

The Egyptians bathed for purification before daily prayers, the Japanese bathed to cleanse the mind while the Greeks took cold showers to fortify their spirit.

Nowadays, who has time for a bath?  Quick shower, scrub down, in and out and on with the day.  Really?  We don’t have time to take a bath?  That’s sad (and I am preaching to the choir here).  What if we allowed ourselves time each week for a long, luxurious soak in a tub.  Add a little bathing salts to the water and reap the benefits that help improve circulation, reduce tenderness and a balm for sore muscles, arthritis and tension.

Did you know that salts can help the body detoxify by opening pores and cleansing away dirt and toxins?  Soothing skin that is ravaged by the wind and the elements.  Add a little essential oil and we’ve got bliss.  We go a step further by using salt from the Vancouver island Salt Co that hand harvests gourmet sea salt from the cold, clear water of Vancouver Island.  Then we add in our essential oil blends with organic botanicals that we grow on our farm (ok its just our backyard, but farm sounds so much more impressive:). Then package these delicacies up for your bathing pleasure.  All you need is a scoop into your warm bath and immediately your senses will be filled with calm and serenity.  You’ll imagine you’re on the West Coast storm watching in a cabin, with a roaring fire in the fireplace while you lounge in your drawn bath of heaven.  Afterwards, the masseuse will come by to massage your muscles and just as they finish, the chef will arrive with a banquet laid out before the fire.  The giant tv will have your favorite show on and you’ll cozy up on the couch and eat.

See?  Don’t you wish you took a bath more often?  Just imagine where it will take you and when you use our bathing salts, we can’t guarantee the cabin, the masseuse or even the chef but we can promise bliss and serenity with just a scoop.

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