Service with a smile

To get a package from point A to point B requires several steps.  Wrap the package and affix the correct address.  Gather yourself together with sufficient postage money and go to the post office.  Yes there will be a long line, yes there will be screaming children who stomp on your toes, yes people will complain and grumble but you choose to stand and wait your turn.

Finally, you are called up next and with a spring in your step and a wide smile you greet the person who will weigh your parcel or scan it through for you.  Perhaps you’ll offer a lighthearted comment about the weather or compliment a piece of jewelry the worker bee is wearing, anything to be pleasant.  And since you’re Canadian, you will use your ‘thank you and sorry about that’ phrases liberally, showing that you are thankful for their service and happy to be there.

How did I not get the memo that ‘Cranks R Us’ run this particular postal outlet?  They really should post a warning outside that clearly outlines that the people who work here are miserable and will do everything in their power to make you cranky as well.  I’ve tried this venue hundreds of times expecting a different outcome (yes, there is a saying about insanity and expecting a different outcome but that’s for another blog post :)

So now, I drive the opposite direction, down the road to a quaint little village by the sea where the post mistress must spend her weekends working at Disneyland as Snow White because she is so sweet and gentle and genuinely lights up when she sees you walk in.  Today, I stood in a line and she tried to get my attention to move me up in line so I wouldn’t have to wait. Seriously?  And the store that houses this postal outlet has coffee and cookies as soon as you come in, just to thank you for stopping by.  She’s memorized my mailing code, gives me free stickers, offers me candy by the front till and when I finish my transaction, she says "it was so good to see you today, take care and hope to see you soon".  Honestly, I almost cry when I see her and yes, I write Canada Post consistently to praise her.  Service with a smile, so simple yet I’ll drive out of my way for a little kindness.  Tell me about someone who blew you away with kindness, I love company on this blog :)

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