Shake It Up

Remember when you were a kid and you built forts, skateboarded, made mud pies etc. Then your mom would or dad would say let’s go for ice cream and you’d drop everything and just go.

When you're an adult it’s more difficult to just do something spontaneous because there is always something to be done and especially if your in business for yourself you always have a to do list a mile high and things just seem to get in your way. You stop and think about all the steps involved in spontaneity like you have to finish what you are in the middle of, check to make sure everything in your house is unplugged, make sure you are properly dressed and not in your PJ’s.

So yesterday I was in the middle of designing a soap label and my sister was reading. This past week was a hectic one for us.  Victoria is experiencing very hot weather and we had just finished a day selling at our local market and were wilting in the heat.  So at the spur of the moment we decided to run out for ice cream but the rule was we had to wear what we had on and not change into something else.  My hair was a mess, I had an old dress on that was nice and cool.  So the instinct was I gotta change, finish up my label design, get dressed etc.  Instead I saved my document and closed it, did a quick check that nothing was plugged in and we headed to McDonald’s for an ice cream sundae with nuts and giggled at our messy style.  I wasn’t really in the mood for ice cream but when we got to the drive through we saw they had the McFlurry and our eyes light up with glee (yup simple things amuse us).  It’s a Canadian thing and it’s like an ice cream shake with crushed up Oreo’s or Smarties or Skor bits. I got the Oreo Cookie and Caron the other bloom got the Smartie (a Canadian M&M) one.  We parked and hoped no one noticed us in our unfancy unkempt garb. The stress of the day, the rude customers, and the blazing heat melted away and for that moment nothing else mattered.  We enjoyed our ice cream and I felt like I was a kid again.

What fun things are you doing in this summer heat?

Why don’t you shake up your world and do something out of your comfort zone.  It just might provide some clarity.



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