Remember that song by the Go-Go’s? "Vacation all I ever wanted.." are you humming along to it yet?

Since we are entrepreneurs we sing it as ‘STAYCATION all I ever wanted”.  Customers laugh when we say that we consider a trip to Costco a vacay.  We drive out, eat our way through the store with samples at every corner, try on clothes, wade through electronics and then so full we fill our shopping cart and drive home still humming.

This year, we’re thinking about a 48 hour staycation.  While fellow vendors at our farmers market are already on their Mexican holidays or New York City adventures, we’re plotting the stay in your own city holiday.  This way, we can work around orders getting mailed out and still feel like we’ve gotten away from it all.

In fact today we were perusing online looking at various hotels a mere 5 hours away.  We live on an island, so 10 minutes down the road can look very different from where you live.  We watched videos of various rooms and suites, aerial shots of the hotel from the sky and absolutely swooned when we saw the ocean from a 5 hour away vantage point.

It's an idea but it may easily not work out.  So what to do in the meantime while you watch other people’s Instagram accounts of concierge valets and croissants delivered warm from the bakery.  We’ve discovered the joy in finding a coffee shop we haven’t been to before, finding the comfiest chairs and sitting down with a large latte.  Sometimes we’ll each bring notebooks or we’ll load up on magazines we’ve picked up at the library and bring them with us.  We while away the time sipping lattes, people watching, reading magazines and jotting down ideas.  It is amazing the power of 120 minutes away from your job.

Luxury vacations are wonderful and they have their place but sometimes we’ve discovered that 24 hour getaways are equally as relaxing.  You change your scenery and suddenly ideas wake up and you’re looking forward to heading home and working again.  Get creative, tell me what you would do with a staycation?

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