Stealing Away Moments of Quiet Gratitude

With the rush of life and the constant whirl of never ending things to do I've been reminded lately to enjoy the quiet moments in life. 

The first reminder came in early March when a dear friend I've known for years died after battling cancer for 2 years. I remember standing near her bed the last day I saw her and crying because I was going to miss her so much. Simple gestures were so tiring for her and I stood there realizing I was so blessed to be alive and present in that moment of enjoying each moment with her.

In April I was at an early Easter sunrise service that took place in front of the beach. It was 6:00am and I was tired but I stood there with the wind blowing across my face and breathed in slowly while I took in the beauty all around me. Fires were lit and I just gazed at the natural beauty in every corner. Life is really about simple things and appreciating those simple things when they happen instead of being caught up in the so much to do all the time.

Early in May my sister got hit with a bad virus that left her coughing for weeks. As I brought breakfast to her one morning I sat next to her with tea and glanced outside at the splendid trees and life for that moment was all that I needed. I realized it was rare for both of us to just relax and sit in silence and count our blessings. As business owners our list is ever growing and a lot of times we don't think we can slow down but in the slowing down we regain momentum and are inspired all over again.  This is something we are trying to practice on a daily basis.

What simple thing can you enjoy and reflect on? What are you grateful for?


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