Tis the season for purses

The perfect small bag just couldn’t be found, I didn’t want a plastic one that would eventually crinkle and crack.   Nor did it make sense to buy one factory made that everyone else had.  And my phone is old and clunky so the slim ones I did find were too small.  And there had to be room for my keys, which again tend to be rather big and clunky.  But the bag couldn’t be too big either, hanging out like a big diaper advertising clunky phones and bunchy keys.

The search was on but I couldn’t find what I wanted.  So I made my own finding a canvas that was sturdy but not stiff and the lining couldn’t just be anything common, nope had to be vintage.  Personalize it with a pattern on the front and it was good to go.  But then whenever I pulled mine out someone would say “oh I want one of those”, so the madness began and I started sewing them up by the dozens.

On a recent business trip to Toronto I stumbled upon a store selling beautiful zippers, so I bought 50 of them in every different colour and size ranging from 2” – 10” and brought them home.  No two purses are ever alike because the zippers are all different sizes and colours make these for a delightful gift for yourself or anyone else on your list.  Imagine filling one of these purses with our lip balms for the perfect Secret Santa gift?  Or fill one up with chocolates and who wouldn’t love that?  Someone bought a purse today and said she was going to fill it with tea bags and take it with her when she travelled.  Someone else bought a purse to start collecting money to treat herself to special coffees.

What could you use your purse for? What would you fill it with? And the price?  $18 or $23 w/ a lip balm – win/win for both you the gift giver and the receiver.

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