Tis the season of the sniffle

Tis the season of the sniffle, although a mother stopped by our farmer's market today telling me that at her daughter's school, it was the season of lice.  And yes, after she left my table I started scratching my hair but I am hoping she didn’t notice.

It seems that as soon as the sun diminishes her heat the sniffles appear.  At first they are delicate requiring a tiny corner of the tissue, by October we are hauling boxes of tissues around with us wherever we go.

And then it dawns on me, ‘hey, I’ve got something for this’ and I reach for the rescue trio of aromatherapy botanicals that will get me through the winter on the Pacific Northwest Island that I call home.

Allow me to introduce you to my trio of friends: “Rescue” is for cold and flu allowing for breathing passages to be clear.  This is my go to especially for allergies that come back to visit once the furnace clicks on.  The joke is that I sniffle until 11am every morning, ‘Rescue’ is never far and I find myself reaching for it and applying it under my nose and even massaging it into my temples. 

The second star in the trio is ‘Exhale’ is for stress and calming.  The reality is that I was having some ‘menopausal moments’ a few years back and my sweet sister simply researched the oils and kindly presented me with a bottle.  Never once did she say ‘I am ready to ship you off on an ice flow you were so emotional and temperamental’.  Nope, she just sweetly made it for me and once I discovered its benefits, we introduced it to our clients and they love it.  Wives have been known to buy it for their husbands and vice versa, never sharing the true reason for the purchase. 

‘Release’ is simply for headaches and tension and it works.  We have a huge university clientele that swear by this stuff near exam time.  Mothers have bought it for their young children who get overwhelmed with school.  We’ve seen sweet little boys come by not really interested until their moms rub some of this under their nose and they decide this will truly help.

So while the seasons change wherever you are, I hope if you need some relief you’ll remember our trio of relief workers.  And with the Canadian dollar so low, its like 25% off for our American friends and family, wouldn’t these make brilliant stocking stuffers??

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