Travel Tuesday - Amazing Arizona

I received my B.A. in English in California and 3 of my friends were from Arizona so naturally I visited more then once.  While I have so many memories of Arizona one of my fondest is visiting the Grand Canyon. My friend Clarissa lived in the Grand Canyon National Park and I remember we would walk to this area and sit on a ledge and watch the sun set over the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. The colours of the canyon were amazing and I remember trying to soak every second of that scenery into my brain.

One of the things I envied about Clarissa, was that she worked at the Grand Canyon park every summer, and was able to read all the literature books we were assigned each year, ahead of time. Of course those of us who hadn’t read the books yet would pepper her for information to find out plots of the most important parts of the book, in an effort to save some time.

Arizona has a stark beauty to it and I was fascinated by cactus growing everywhere.  You would see huge ones in front of people’s homes and as I’d never seen this before I fond it looked cool. Amidst the hot temperatures, and the cactus and what seemed like barrenness in areas ,we would drive to a coffee shop and immediately I felt like I could be anywhere.

Clarissa’s mom served us the most amazing ‘Buttermilk Pie’ and I’d never had it before. This was swoon worthy and had an almost caramel taste. To this day it’s one of my fondest memories.  She graciously gave me the recipe and I still love it.

We didn’t take an official tour and I was content just to enjoy the view every night when we would talk about our future and dreams or what home work we had to complete.  Every time I hear the words ‘Grand Canyon’ I think of my friends the view of the Grand Canyon, the taste of Buttermilk pie and U2. Those days were blissful.

Do you have any memorable travel memories?

Wishing you well on your next travel adventure,


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