Wait. There's More.

Today is day 1 of our 2nd 30 day blog challenge.

I kept seeing that there would be another 30 day blogging challenge and I just smiled.  Inside my head I thought “been there, done that” and I moved onto the next topic (because as we all know, there is so much to think about :)

And then as the day went on I started thinking about blogging topics and what I would write about.  You see, we did the first 30 challenge successfully and the younger Bloom did the majority of that one.  Now, its my turn and what I’ve decided to share is about how we are constantly needing to push ourselves forward. 

Before becoming an entrepreneur,  I was an international aid worker in Panama, Fiji, Russia and even living in Hawaii for 4 years.  During those years, I was grateful to have been educated as a school teacher because I used every single skill I had learned in the classroom.

From there, I evolved into different positions including being a chaplain at the local university (and yes I could write a book on that chapter of my life).  Many more different adventures and sometimes I got stuck. In fact, for the last few months I’ve been feeling a bit lost, not sure I was following my destiny.  And yes, I work at my business 24/7 but I am one of those people that is happiest when juggling several jobs.  So just last week I decided that I am NOT too old, too old fashioned or even obsolete.  There was still life to be lived and I could indeed reinvent myself once again. 

And so when a local charity (Baskets of Love – Down Syndrome) that we’ve supported in the past announced that they needed baby blankets and baby hats I wrote back immediately and said “I’ll donate blankets and hats”.

Problem is, I’ve never made either of those things.  But I was willing to try.  Years ago I had bought an old, vintage bedspread meant to be passed down to generations.  This morning I cut it into baby blankets and got my 50+ year old sewing machine out and painstakingly sewed up the quilt. 

Then I cut some cotton tea towel fabric I had bought and cut out tiny baby hats and even practiced my new screen printing on each hat.  By the end of today I had made one hat and one blanket – I was hysterically happy.  I’ll never meet these parents or see their precious bundles, but I was doing something to help and suddenly that was all that mattered.

Age really is a number but more importantly its an attitude, so read that title again and say it out loud to yourself “Wait, there’s more…for me to do”.

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