We Are Not Like That XYZ Company and Here’s Why

Okay speaking frankly here (like there is any other option) I sort of loathe when customers come up to our booth and say “Oh you’re like XYX (insert big corporation here) and I say “no we are not”. The other day a lady looked surprised when I said that and she walked off.

The thing is we are completely different from that big XYZ company and here’s why:

  • We handcraft everything we sell, that’s right it’s just Caron and me making all of our fabulous products. 
  • We do everything in house from our product development, design, packaging, label design, shipping, customer service, social media, blogging, accounting, blogging, promoting, lugging our products to craft markets, setting it up and tearing it down. There is just us.
  • We are small batch meaning we don’t make factory made products or make gigantic batches.
  • We don’t have big pockets like the big corporations so all of our reach is done organically by word of mouth.
  • Giving back is important to us. We are both former teachers so we believe in second chances and giving back and want to help those less fortunate so we donate 10% of all our profits to educate children in the slums in Cambodia and to help those who need homes in Victoria through Habitat Through Humanity
  • We are real people and sisters on the other end of that email you send or when you come to meet us in person. We don’t hire other people to sell products for us ever.
  • We make products with integrity and never compromise on quality no matter what the cost.
  • We use only natural essential oils and don’t use synthetic perfumes or fragrances
  • We use organics and local ingredients
  • We wildcraft when possible (ie. we use Rosemary, Cottonwood, Lavender that we grow and infuse in our blends, Sage.
  • We test everything we sell and make sure it’s safe for you and your loved ones
  • We never stop creating new products for your our beloved customers
  • Everything is created with our passion and love of the land we live on here on Vancouver Island. Our scents come from the beautiful Pacific West Coast
  • By purchasing from us you are allowing us to continue creating more products and to continue to give back to those in need.  You are contributing to our dream and to our desire to bring beauty into your life.

So the next time you are tempted to say “Oh You are like this XYX company” Think again about why that company may stand for something completely different then what you are used too.

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