What do you do?

Margarite and I were sitting across from each other at a community held event, in the midst of the games and airshow.  Some wise soul had decided to erect a giant circle tent right in the middle of the festivities, fill it with tables and chairs, string proper buntings up and have cups of hot tea available with packages of biscuits.

We had shown up at the ‘Tea Party’ quite by accident, it was advertised for children and young families and its not something we typically visit.  An air show was the main attraction and so we parked miles away and walked into the event.  Soon we heard the squeals of happy children and saw the flying tea cup rides and settled on the beach to wait for the planes.

Meanwhile, I noticed this giant white tent and went to explore and there I found Margarite sitting in the midst of a midway, sipping tea from a tiny china teacup, seemingly oblivious to the pandemonium mere steps away.  So I stood in line to buy my cup of tea and chose a packet on biscuits and sat down opposite of Margarite.  We sipped our tea in companionable silence and when I went to refill my cup of tea, Margarite spoke up.  “Could you refill my cup as well” and I took her cup and returned with fresh, hot tea.  “Thank you, my name is Margarite, what is your name?”  We quickly exchanged names, where we lived and then came the question “what do you do”.  I smiled and answered that I was an entrepreneur and worked for myself.  Yes, she smiled but ‘what do you do’.  Again I explained my company, social media coach, organic apothecary creator etc’.  And still it wasn’t quite connecting with her.  So instead, I asked her what she did and this brought peals of laughter.  She regaled me with tales of her marriage, her children and grandchildren and before long our second cups of tea were emptied and it was time to go on my way.  Just as I got up to go, Margarite patted my hand and said ‘you go Girl Boss, I am proud of you!’.  She got her walker straightened up and walked away and left me smiling, girl boss indeed.

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